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PARTS DESCRIPTION            VENDOR                       PART NUMBER

Clutch release bearing                   NAPA                                    1562

                                                           BCA                                        CTS50B

                                                           Bower                                    1562

Clutch disk                                       Perfection American          CF395

Rear transmission seal                   NOK                                       AA2291EO

                                                             Victor                                    49318

                                                             National                                 8160S

Differential pinion seal                  Victor                                     49161

                                                            National                                 5778

Differential axle seals

            Inner                                      Victor                                      60457

                                                            National                                  50402

            Outer                                      Victor                                      49819

                                                             C/R                                          19970

Redi-sleeve inner axle seal            National                                  99138

Rear wheel axle bearing                 Timkin, cone                         25877

                                                            Timkin, cup                           25821

Ring rear bearing                            Timkin, cone                         25577

                                                            Timkin, cup                           25523

Pinion gear front bearing              Timkin, cone                        02872

                                                            Timkin, cup                          02820

Pinion gear rear bearing                Timkin, cone                        31593

                                                             Timkin, cup                          31520

Transmission main                                     New Departure                               43207

gear bearing (rear)                               Federal                                              12070G, M,G

                                                            BCA                                        2072, 12076

Transmission main                                    New Departure                                  7207

shaft bearing (rear)                              Federal                                              1207F, MF

                                                           BCA                                         2075, 12075

Overdrive rear bearing                 New Departure                          3206

                                                          Federal                                   1206

                                                          BCA                                         206, 1206



PART DESCRIPTION         VENDOR                         PART NUMBER

Front Shocks                              NAPA                                        1084

Rear Shocks                                NAPA                                        F1004

Drag Link Springs                     Hyster                                      14093

Kingpin Plugs                             NAPA                                       219-1009

Hub Dust Cap                             NAPA                                       730-2409

Front Wheel Seal                        Victor                                      49229

                                                       C/R                                           16342

Front Wheel Inner Bearing  Timkin

                                                         Cone                                          14123

                                                         Cup                                            14276

Front Wheel Outer Bearing Timkin

                                                         Cone                                          09074

                                                         Cup                                            09194

Steering Knuckle                     Ball Bearing                                 A266




Front Brake Hose                      NAPA                                   6560

                                                      NAPA                                   36559

Master Cylinder Kit                  NAPA                                   #1

Wheel Cylinder Cups 1 ¼?      NAPA                                   666


  1. Approximately ½ way down on the right axle housing is a bolt that clamps the brake line to the axle housing, this bolt is drilled through the center and serves as the breather for the right side.
  2. The left housing has a 1/8? hole drilled through the axle housing at approximately the same position.
  3. The grease fitting on the axle housing for the outer axle bearing has a vent hole (very small) to allow excess grease to escape when greasing the bearing.
  4. Backlash for the differential ring and pinion gears is .004?