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Parts Description                  Vendor                   Part Number

Engine overhaul kit              Fel-pro                   FS7191S        

                                                    Victor                     FS986SX

Oil pan gasket set                  Victor                      OS2098

                                                    Hyster                     159686

Timing cover set                    Federal Mogul       JV951

                                                    Fel-Pro                      71915

                                                    Victor                        9865

                                                    McCord                      6053

                                                    Fitzgerald                  0265L

                                                    Hyster                        159718

Front crank seal                    C/R                             20702

                                                   Victor                         490245

Oil filter cartridge                Fram                            C-4

                                                   NAPA                           1006

                                                  Hyster                          57041

Front motor mounts           NAPA                           3-05036

                                                  Balkamp                      602-1020

                                                  TRW                              82040

                                                  Advance Auto          5300703

Rear motor mount              Chrysler                       636095

Camshaft bearings             Perfect Circle            PSH-190S

                                                 Hyster                         161579

                                                 Federal Mogul          1088M

Connecting rod bearings                      

                        Rods 2,4,6     Federal Mogul           1995cp

                        Rods 1,3,5     Federal Mogul           1995cpa

                                                 NAPA                           CB465B

                                                 NAPA                           CB466B

                                                 Sealed Power             1205SBI

                                                 Sealed Power             1205SII

Wrist pin (without notch)  Elgin Machine      430

                                                Hyster                          142488

Piston pin bushing            Hyster                          109206

Piston pin retainer            Hyster                          109205




Piston rings                          Perfect Circle               589X

                                                Hastings                       144 or 2C144

             For 226ci                Hyster                          233409A

             For 227ci                Hyster                          176574

Piston ring set                    Federal Mogul           439

Main bearings                    Federal Mogul          1999SB front

                                               1997SB center

                                               1206SB rear

                                               1206BFF thrust washer

                                               Hyster (set)                  200597A

                                               Hyster (+.010)           128008

                                               Hyster (+.020)           128009

                                               Federal Mogul              4246M

Pistons                                  TRW                                  L2101F

                                               Federal Mogul              224-2751

Crank thrust washer shim kit   Hyster               191762

Intake valves                     Hyster                            233339

Exhaust valves                  Hyster                          109229

Valve guide                        Hyster                          151751

Valve retainer                   Hyster                          233343

Valve cover gasket           Federal Mogul              VA38028

                                                Hyster                          233300

Valve cover bolt gasket   Hyster                       109240

Valve lifter                          Hyster                          78033

Valve lock pin                    Hyster                          233340

Valve springs                     Hyster                         233342

Supercharger belts           Goodyear                    22T 363

                                                Gates                           560

                                                NAPA                          B-34

Supercharger drive seal  C/R                              8088 (Bore out plate)

Supercharger drive bearing  Ball bearing     885145A

Fuel pump                            AC                               507 (use old arm)

                                                 Hyster                          145916

Gas cap                                  NAPA                          703-1220

Thermostat                          Thompson                 55

    (reduce dia. 1/8”)           Robert Shaw             54FHT

Radiator cap ( 0 pressure )  Stant                      R-6

                                                 Balkamp                       703-1400        



Fan belt                                 Goodyear             22454 or 5L460

                                                 Dayton                  911X

                                                 Gates                      698 or 689

Radiator hose, top               Dayton                 70685

Radiator hose, bottom       Dayton                     70558

Exhaust manifold gasket Victor                  18651S

Exhaust pipe gasket           Advance Auto 5185173

Oil drain plug gasket         Hyster                 200314

Cap screw, filler block       Hyster                       281043

Manifold set                          Federal Mogul  MS186515

Crankshaft oil seal             Hyster

Top rear oil guard               Hyster                   109159

Bottom rear filler block     Hyster                   234704

Front filler block                 Hyster                    281043

Head Gasket                         Hyster                     159718

Flywheel mount bolt to crankshaft  Hyster  15946

Cylinder head stud (19)   Hyster                    78755

Cylinder head stud (14)    Hyster                   78754

Temp sending unit, same as Ford V-8, 1940-1948, use single terminal one.




Front shocks                         NAPA                      1084

Rear shocks                           NAPA                      F1004

Drag link springs                Hyster                    14039

King pin plugs                     NAPA                     219-1009

Dust cap                                NAPA                    730-2409

Front wheel seal                 Victor                    49229

                                                 C/R                           16342

Front wheel inner bearing Timkin, cone      14123

                                                    Timkin, cup           14276

Front wheel outer bearing Timkin, cone      09074

                                                    Timkin, cup           09194

Steering Knuckle                   Ball bearing          A266




Front brake hose                NAPA                    6560

                                                NAPA                     36543

Rear brake hose                  NAPA                    36559

Master cylinder kit            NAPA                    #1

Wheel cylinder cups 1 ¼” NAPA                  666


Differential Information

1)      Approximately ½ way down on the right axle housing is a bolt that clamps the brake line to the housing, this bolt is drilled through the center as a breather hole.

2)      The left axle housing has a drilled hole at approximately the same position.

3)      The grease fitting on the axle housing for the inner wheel bearing has a vent hole (very small) on top to allow excess grease to escape during greasing the bearing.

4)      Backlash spec. for the ring and pinion is .004”.